A Safari Dental Testimonial

A parent sends her thanks for the great care and attention the Safari Dental staff showed her child.

Mrs. Johanna

Dr. Frank Pettinato II
A Safari Dental
4427 Rowan Rd.
New Port Richey, FL 34653

Dear Dr. Pettinato,

Where does one begin this “Thank You” to you and your staff. Let me first say “thanks” to Jerry who has handled all of the issues in regards to our dental insurance and Nickolas’ medical issues. He has really went above and beyond. We haven’t ever gotten this great of treatment before. Plus, he has sent me cards to pass around to family and friends. We really like everyone. When we like someone or something we let everyone know.

Some of my co-workers have had their children come see you and everyone has liked the office, staff and yourself. The free exam cards from Jerry has been a huge success.

Nickolas now wants to come see you all the time. He’s trying to tell me that his tooth hurts just so we can “go to the dentist”. Dr. Frank as he now calls you his best friend. He even wants you to come to his birthday party in December and check Santa’s mouth and make sure that Santa is brushing properly--we had someone play Santa and come to our house this past December for Nickolas’ birthday party. Santa will be coming to his lunch party this year so this is cute for us as parents to hear him ask if you’ll come. Plus, he says, “Dr. Frank is my best friend”. Like I told you he gained his trust from the first moment you met him, you’ll be his friend for life.

Attached are some photo’s I took the other night. Nickolas is playing the role of “dentist” and working on Baby Tootie’s mouth. She had a toothache so he used his drill to take out the bad tooth. Now when he grows up he wants to be a fireman and a dentist just like Dr. Frank. Last night he said he wants dad as his assistant and mom to work up front telling people when they can go back and see the dentist. It was so cut hearing him say these things. At first be wanted mom and dad to both be his assistants, but I told him mommy doesn’t handle it well in the back and I’d prefer to be up front. Not a problem for him he said.

I’m not ready for the first tooth to get loose or fall out this winter. I’m excited by definitely not prepared. At his next visit you’ll have to prepare me for that.

We are so fortunate to have you as Nickolas’ dentist and the bond that he now has with you. Thanks for making his dental experience a great one. One day he may need you as his mentor for college. The world is his.

Thanks again for everything you and your staff have done for us. Enjoy the pictures.


Mrs. Johanna

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